Pretty Cure Lucky Clover another one of Ojamajo13's fanseries published on Deviantart, with Luck/Clover/Element theme. Only two episode is up.


The land of clovers was a peaceful land protected by the Lucky Clover Tree. That is until the Dark Moon Clan attack the land and poisoned the tree. Now, Princess Sakura must travel to Earth to find the legendary Pretty Cure warriors who will restore the Lucky Clover Tree and bring peace to the land.


Pretty Cure And Allies

Hikari Kogane (黄金ひかり)/Cure Lucky:

The unofficial leader of the pretty cure team. She's a second year in Kijuuki High. Her family owns a chain of perfume shops named "Midnight Scent". She dreams of making perfumes. She's a hard worker and loves to help people in need. Her colors are orange and pink. She has brown hair with a pink hair ribbon and blue eyes. As Cure Lucky, her hair grows down to her waist and turns pink, the ribbon turns into a large bow on the side with a pink clover on the front, her eyes turn orange, and she wears a pink dress with a clover, an orange choker with a pink clover on the front, orange clover earrings, orange socks, and pink shoes. Dream Seiyuu: Kae Araki English Dubber: Stephanie Mills
  • Transformation and Intro:"Pretty Cure! Lucky of the toss! The clover that stands for luck! I'm Cure Lucky!"
  • Attack:"Shadows, go back to where you came! Pretty Cure! Lucky Dice!"
  • Power up attack: "Looks like your Karma just go bad! Pretty Cure! Karma Dive!"

Ami Miuchi (美内あみ)/Cure Rain:

The second to become a Cure. Her family owns a bridal shop. Ami and Hikari have been friends since Elementary school. She dreams of becoming a wedding designer. She's fun loving and loves to tell jokes. Her colors are blue and cyan. She has lavender hair in two buns and purple eyes. As Cure Rain, her hair is down and turns blue, her eyes turn cyan blue, and she wears a blue dress, gloves, a choker with a blue clover on the front, earrings, and blue tap like shoes. Dream Seiyuu: Yukana Nogami English Dubber: Hyden Walsh
  • Transformation and Intro:"Pretty Cure! Luck of the toss! The clover that stands for purity! Cure Rain!"
  • Attack:"Shadows, go back to where you came! Pretty Cure! Tropical Rain!"
  • Power up Attack: "Dashing around the snow! Pretty Cure! Blizzard Dash!"

Hana Hinote (火野手はな)/Cure Sunlight:

The third to become a Cure. She designs clothes for her family's clothing store, "Mad Styles". She's hyper, happy go lucky, and fun loving. Her colors are red and yellow. She has golden blonde hair and gold eyes. As Cure Sunlight, her hair grows to her waist and turns lighter and her eyes turn red, and she wears a yellow and red dress, a yellow choker with red clover, red gloves, and yellow shoes. Dream Seiyuu: Yukari Tamura English Dubber: Amanda Brown
  • Transformation and Intro:"Pretty Cure! Luck of the toss! The clover that stands for warmth! Cure Sunlight!"
  • Attack:"Shadows, go back to where you came! Pretty cure! Sunlight Ray!"
  • Power up Attack: "Spinning the power of the Sun! Pretty Cure! Solar Beam!"

Koji Kouen (公園こじ)/Cure Flame:


The fourth to become a Cure. He inspires to be a manga ka. His parents own an arcade named "Flaming Arrow". His colors are red and orange. He's sort of shy and gullible. He has black hair in a small ponytail and brown eyes. As Cure Flame, his hair turns red held by a red clover band, his eyes turn red, and he wears a red shirt, an orange vest, a red choker with a orange clover on the front, red shorts, orage fingerless gloves, and red boots. Dream Seiyuu: Junko Takeuchi English Dubber: Scott McCord
  • Transformation and Intro:"Pretty Cure! Luck of the toss! The clover that stands for courage! Cure Flame!"
  • Attack:"Shadows, go back to where you came! Pretty cure! Flame Sniper!"
  • Power up Attack: "Bring me the power of Flame! Pretty Cure! Flaming Nova!"

Chou Hinamori (雛森ちょう)/Cure Vine:

The fifth to become a Cure. She wants to discover different types of plants around the world. Her parents own a flower shop named "Fairy's Garden". Her color is green. She has short green hair and green eyes. As Cure Vine, her hair grows longer and turns vine green, her eyes turn light green, and she wears a green dress, a choker with a clover on the front, earrings, gloves, and boots. Dream Seiyuu: Sawa Ishige English Dubber: Rebecca Handler
  • Transformation and Intro:"Pretty Cure! Luck of the toss! The clover that stands for beauty! Cure Vine!"
  • Attack:"Shadows, go back to where you came! Pretty Cure! Vine Snap!"
  • Power up attack: "The beauty of flowers will destroy you! Pretty Cure! Flora Blast!"

Negi Ikazuchi(雷ねぎ)/Cure Thunder:

The seventh to become a Cure. He wants to a teacher. His mother is the principle of the school. He's serious when it comes to homework and helps Hikari study. His colors are black and yellow. He has light brown and green eyes. As Cure Thunder, his hair turns black, his eyes turn yellow, and he wears a yellow shirt, a black vest, a black choker with a clover on the front, yellow and black fingerless gloves, and yellow and black boots. Dream Seiyuu: Masami Suzuki English Dubber: Steven Jay Baruchel
  • Transformation and Intro:"Pretty cure! Luck of the toss! The clover that stands for sound! Cure Thunder!"
  • Attack:"Shadows, go back to where you came! Pretty Cure! Thundering Boom!"
  • Power up Attack: "Bring me the power of Lightening! Pretty cure! Lightening Cannon!"

Asuka Boukeno (冒険野あすか)/Cure Breeze:

The eight and final to become a Cure. She dreams of becoming a pilot. Her parents died in a car crash when she was younger and her aunt takes her in. Her aunt owns a sweet shop named "Okashi Wonderland". Her colors are grey and silver. She has black hair and gold eyes. As Cure Breeze, her hair turns grey, her eyes turn silver, and she wears a silver dress, a choker with a clover on the front, and white mary janes. She's the only one not to get a second Element. Dream Seiyuu: Kana Asumi English Dubber: Caitlin Glass
  • Transformation and Intro:"Pretty Cure! Lucky of the toss! The clover that flies on the wind! Cure Breeze!"
  • Attack:"Shadows, go back to where you came! Pretty Cure! Hurricane Slam!"
  • Power up Attack: "This is not a gentle breeze! Pretty Cure! Windy Blast!"

Princess Sakura: The young princess of the land of clovers. She's sort of bossy but is a sweetheart. She's a mouse cloviian with pink and purple fur and purple eyes with a clover near her right ear. Dream Seiyuu: Chieko Higuchi English Dubber: Stephanie Sheh

Dark Moon Clan

The leader of the clan. She's a lovely woman with vampire-like appeal. Her colors are red and black.

He's second-in-command. His element is fire. He's a fox with red fur and eyes who wears red and orange armor.

Darlinda / Kame Midori
Kame.jpg Kame2.jpg
She has the power over flowers and her weapons are flower petals. She became a spy in the school, disguised as a girl named Kame Midori. She's super calm but hates being interrupted when she's having tea. She has pale pink hair and eyes wearing all pink. She ends up liking Koji and starts getting soft. When Foxpaw attacks them Darlinda saves Koji but loses her life. Dream Seiyuu: Kae Araki (Hikari Digimon adventure) English Dubber: Laura Jay Miller (Kari Digimon and Juniper Lee from Life and times of juniper lee)

He's a wolf like man with the power over water. He has grey fur and black armor.

She's a bird like woman with the power of ice. She has white feathers and evil looking azure eyes, and wears white robes.

The monster of the day. They are made of random stuff. Their name means "Evil Moon"


Clover Pacts: They are the henshin devices for the team. They call out "Luck of the toss!" to transform. They are in the respective colors of the team. They are shaped like four leaf clovers.

Magical Clovers: They are power clovers that were once apart of the Lucky Clover tree. They will help the tree feel better over time.

Life Crystals: These are what give the Dark Moon Clan life and power created by Victoria and is an easy way to keep control over them. When broken the members are instantly killed.

Mystical Flower Crown: Main item in the Pretty Cure Lucky Clover Movie.


Enkai Town: The town where the story takes place. It’s near the ocean and runs its own cruise company.
  • Kijuuki Junior High:The school the main characters attend.
  • Wellspare Park:A large park. It’s constantly being fixed, and in episode 11, it was gonna be torn down until Hikari and the others protested against it by chaining themselves to the equipment.
  • Starlight Mall:The town's mall where Hana’s parents’ clothing store "Mad Styles" is along with one of the "Midnight Scent" stores.
  • Flaming Arrow:A popular arcade owned by Koji's parents.
  • Fairy's Garden:A flower shop owned by Chou’s parents.
  • Okashi Wonderland:A sweets shop owned by Asuka's aunt
  • Sugar Crystal Beach:A large beautiful beach to the south of the town and is very popular with the teens and kids. It has beautiful white beaches and crystal blue waters.
  • Shadow Manor: A large manor that is said to be haunted by a little girl who died there.

Kingdom of Clovers: This is where Princess Sakura is from. This place control the growth of plants on Earth.

Flora City: This is where the Lucky Clover movie is going to take place.

Kingdom of Magic: That’s what people from other dimension call Earth.


Kagome and Kouichi Kogane: Hikari’s parents. They are usually overseas a lot but miss her incredibly.
Kana-chan: She’s the head maid and driver who takes Hikari to and from school and anywhere else she wants.

Genki and Tsubomi Miuchi: Ami’s parents. They’re friends with Kagome and Kouichi. They are sometimes forgetful.
Haru Miuchi: Ami’s older sister. She’s on the lacrosse school team. She’s sort of shy when it comes to boys.

Yuki and Kaede Hinote: Hana’s parents. They own Mad Styles in the mall.
Kane Hinote: Hana’s younger sister. She’s a tomboy and loves to play video games and read comics.
Aki Hinote: Hana’s older brother. He’s a big fan of the Afternoon book franchise, parody of Twilight.

Kyoko and Akihiko Kouen: Koji’s parents. They own the arcade "Flaming Arrow".
Daiki Kouen: Koji’s younger brother. He's in the hospital because of his weak lungs. He’s sort of spoiled.

Kimiko and Daichi Hinamori: Chou’s parents. They own a flower shop called "Fairy’s Garden".
Haruki Hinamori: Chou’s little sister. She loves to plant flowers and water the flowers of the shop.

Miku and Hiro Ikazuchi: Negi’s parents. His mother is the principle and his dad is a delivery man.
Hisao Ikazuchi: Negi’s younger brother and Eiji's twin. He loves to play tricks on people but Eiji always tries to stop him.
Eiji Ikazuchi: Negi and Eiji's brother, and the younger twin by 5 minutes. He’s nice and sensitive and always tries to stop Hisao from doing bad things.

Mariko and Akira Boukeno: They were Asuka’s parent but they died in a car crash.
Sana and Arata Boukeno: Asuka’s aunt and uncle. They own the sweets shop named "Okashi Wonderland".

Movie Characters

A young fairy who is the assistant to the Mayor Butterbean. She's the one who tells the pretty cure about the job. She's also the one to give the pretty cure the flora power ups. Her colors are orange and red.

Mayor Butterbean
He's the mayor of Flora City. He sees Hikari and wants her to the Flower Maiden in the parade.

Flora Circus Troupe
Their a circus troupe who are very popular with the kids. People in the troupe: Misha (A young Lion tamer), James, Ryan and Amy (Acrobats), Ron (The Strong Man and leader), Amber (Elephant rider), Kasumi (Dancer), and Rika (Tightrope walker, twists her ankle before the act).

Black Rose Brigade
A group of villains who want the mystic Crown to rule Flora City.

Black Rose
She use to be loving person until she got taken over by an evil spirit who wants to destroy Flora City and turn it into an cold and lifeless town. Her theme colors are grey and black. Her original name is Lily

The Brigade
She's the youngest out of the villains. She might look sweet and cute but don't let that fool you, she's just as powerful as the rest. Her color is light green and her element is earth and her weapon is razor sharp leaves that can cut through anything.

She's the oldest by the age of 19. She yells at everyone when something goes wrong. Her colors are blue and icy blue. Her element is ice and her weapon is icicles that can freeze anything it his.

Poison Ivy
She's the second oldest by 18. She's quiet, slow because she likes to study peoples moves but she can quickly jump out of the way of any attack. Her colors green and black. Her power is over earth like Aloe and her weapon is vines that can crush people.

She's the second youngest by 12. She's quick, hard headed and hates being told what to do. Her element is over Air. Her colors are dark pink and green. Her weapon is a sword and she uses her powers to suffocate them in a tornado.

She's the third oldest in the group. She's fast, smart, and refuses to give up even when it close to being over. Her element is thunder and light. Her color is yellow and orange. Her weapon is a staff and she uses thunder to electrocute enemies.

Lavender and Honeysuckle
Their the two youngest next to Aloe and Alpina by 10. They are quick and nimble. Their element is water and their colors are blue. Their weapons are staves and they use water to drown their victims.

Openings and Ending
Rainbow of Friendship by Utada Hikaru
Luck of the Clovers by The Pillows


  1. May Luck be with you! Cure Lucky is born! - A girl named Hikari finds a mouse who's a princess from the land of Clovers looking for the legendary pretty Cure
  2. Leave my friend alone! Cure rain! - Hikari is suffering from some injuries from the previous battle and Ami noticed and thinks someone beat her up! When a Flower Akutsuki attacks! A new Pretty Cure hits the scene!
  3. Fashion girl! Cure Sunlight is born! - Hana noticed the compacts on Ami and Hikari's belt and ask about them? But when a fountain Akutsuki attacks! Cure Sunlight is born!
  4. Teacher's pet! Cure Thunder is born! - Negi's taking over the teacher's assistant! But when a blackboard attacks the team it's time for a New cure to shine!
  5. Manga Otaku! Cure Flame is born! - Hikari accidentally walked into Koji making him drop all of his comics which his mother disproves of. When a Comic Akutsuki attacks it time for another boy Cure to shine!
  6. Fairy of the garden! Cure Vine is born! - Hikari, Ami and Hana are forced to be on the garden club by Chou! But when a hose Akutsuki attacks! It's time for a New Pretty Cure to fight!
  7. Save the sweets! Cure Breeze is born! - Hikari's best friend, Asuka finds out that her aunt's sweets shop is about to be torn down! And it doesn't help that Kamikaze attacks with a Taffy Akutsui.
  8. Romeo and Juliet of real life! - Hikari finds out that Tomiji has a crush on Yukiko Natsume, the popular girl of the school and same goes for her but their parents own rival companies and won't let their kids even talk to each other.
  9. New girl to the school! - A new girl named Kame Midori comes to school and Koji is head over heels for her.
  10. Hip! Hip! Horrah! Sports day is here! - Hikari signs up to be in the sports day marathon but what happens when Darlinda appears bringing a Scoreboard Akutsuki. Can the team destroy it without being found out?
  11. Let's save the park! Don't tear down the park! - Hikari's favorite park is about to be torn down but she and a bunch of her friends and classmates aren't gonna let that happen.
  12. Kame finds out about the pretty cure! - Kame/Darlinda finds out about her new found friends as pretty cure! Will she tell her boss or not?
  13. And the winner is? Will Hikari quit the team? - Hikari goes into a perfume contest and tries to win but her friends worry she might quit the team if she wins.
  14. A New Boy? Ami's crush? - A New boy from England named Henry Springfield comes to Kijjuki high as an exchange student and Ami might have just got a crush.
  15. A Visit from Hikari's parents! Cure Lucky's new power! - Hikari's parents finally visit but when Foxclaw attacks will she have tell her parents about her pretty cure self? Cure Lucky's New Power: Karma Dive!
  16. Darlinda's secret is out! Cure Rain's new power! - Hikari and the others decide to take Darlinda on a shopping spree but Foxcloud transforms Midori back into Darlinda right in front of the pretty Cure! Cure Rain's new power: Blizzard Dash!
  17. Kame's Sacrafice! Cure Flame's New Power! - Kame is sent on a mission along with Foxcloud to finish the Pretty Cure with their new powerful monsters: Eclipse. But Kame protects Koji from being killed. Cure Flame's New power: Flaming Nova!
  18. Cheer up Koji! Cure Sunlight's new Power! - Hana decides to try and cheer up Koji but it goes down hill when Kamikaze attacks. Cure Sunlight's new power: Solarbeam!
  19. What we might have to move! Cure Thunder's New power! - Miku gets a job in another town but Negi is trying to change her mind about moving. Cure Thunder's new power: Lightening Cannon!
  20. Sabotage! Cure Vine's New Power! - Fairy's garden is being attacked by a new Flower Company named Flowering Love. When the store gets broken into and nearly destroyed Chou thinks that they had something to do with it. Cure Vine's New Power: Flora Blast!
  21. Happy Marriage! Cure Breeze's new power! - Asuka's Cousin Soji is getting married and Asuka invites her friends to come along but one uninvited guest comes along. Cure Breeze's new power: Windy blast!
  22. We wish you weren't our leader! Pretty Cure Break up! - After a failure in a fight the team starts blaming Hikari for the failure and break up.
  23. School Dance! Shall We Dance! - The annual Snowflake dance is here and Hikari is trying to get up the courage to ask Negi to go with her.
  24. A festival of fear! - The Cures decide to throw a Halloween party in the Shadow Manner which everyone thinks is haunted by a ghost of a little girl named Harumi.
  25. I want to tell him! - Hikari wants to tell Negi her feelings so badly but still can't get up enough courage. Can their friends bring these two together?
  26. Help! A cry from a hopeless Santa Claus! - Hikari finds a young man in a Santa Suit on the ground next to a bag of presents? Could he be Santa Claus?
  27. A Sick Leader! Oh man! - Hikari gets Sick from exhaustion after the recent battle and all of her friends are trying to help her feel better but it seems Foxcloud is taking this to his advantage.
  28. A day at sea! Let's go sailing! - Hikari's Uncle is town and offers to sail the girls to an island off the coast. But Kamikaze is about to make their trip a little rough.
  29. A trip to the Clover Tree! - After finding the last clover the girls are suddenly teleported to the tree where they are ambushed by Victoria!
  30. Down with Victoria! - After Victoria takes over the earth and the Clover team must fight against her!
  31. A Beautiful ending Between friends! - The Clover team is down for the count but they aren't giving up yet!
Pretty Cure Lucky Clover movie! Flower Festival in Flora City!
The Pretty Cure are summoned to Flora City to be apart of the entertainment for the festival and Hikari is picked to be the flower maiden and wear the mystical flower crown but the problem is a villain named Black Rose wants that crown. Now the pretty cure have to protect the crown at all costs.